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"Today, Hullie Moore's book of photographs, Shenandoah: Views of Our National Park, may be doing for Shenandoah what Adams did for Yosemite. Moore captures the park's waterfalls, vistas, ice-laden trees and budding flowers in black and white images that are both simple and profound."

– National Public Radio (December 7, 2003)

"He aims his camera at the forest floor, littered with decay and the detritus of previous life, and through the grace of his vision, we see in it the incubation of new life. He shows us water as we have never seen it, falling and spraying with delight in its own energy. He gives us the gift of pause in the image of a single wildflower. American poet William Carlos Williams said, 'poets write for a single reason—to give witness to splendor.' That, above all else, is the unselfish and poetic bequest of Hullihen Williams Moore’s photographs. Splendor."

– Eileen B. Mott, Exhibition Curator, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

"Classical and very traditional in their form and content, the prints are technically flawless and present a high level of proficiency and elegance, as well as a discerning personal vision."

– Thomas Moore, Curator of Photography, The Mariners' Museum

"In Shenandoah: Views of Our National Park, Moore combines the visual beauty of the region through his remarkable photographs with the poetic rhythm of his descriptive prose to inspire in the reader a strengthened commitment to natural resource conservation. No one who views his pictures and hears his plea for the protection of our environment can fail to recognize the important contribution that the author has made to the protection of the natural world that surrounds us."

– W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr., Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources

"Hullie Moore's Shenandoah photography shimmers in new collection."

– Marcus Wohlsen, Blue Ridge Outdoors, March, 2004


Skyline Vista

Dining Room Frieze

Brooder House

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